Your Guide to Black Friday 2019

The classic holiday Black Friday is just around the corner. People will be standing in the cold, fighting crowds, and waiting in line. If you’re like us though you’ll be at home in your pjs searching for the best deals online. As far as deals on streaming services and devices we’ve done all the research for you. Here are the best streaming deals for Black Friday 2019.


Hulu: Last year Hulu’s Black Friday deal was $0.99/mo for the first year. Hulu may run the same deal again this year but that hasn’t yet been confirmed. Hulu did email all subscribers who took advantage of the deal last year offering a free Roku Express if you renew for at least 3 months at full price. 

FuboTV: This year for Black Friday FuboTV is offering $10 off your first month of service. This makes the Standard plan $44.99 and the Family plan $49.99. 

CBS All Access: From now until 12/2 you can subscribe to CBS All Access and get the first month for free. Typically CBS All Access offers a 1 week free trial. 

Disney+: Right now you can bundle your Disney+ subscription with Hulu and ESPN+ for only $12.99/mo.

Spotify: If you previously cancelled your Spotify premium account on Black Friday  Spotify is offering you 3 months for $9.99 if you resubscribe. If you’ve never had Spotify premium you can always take advantage of their 3 month free trial.

Amazon Music: This Black Friday you can subscribe to Amazon Unlimited and get a 4 month subscription for $0.99. After the first 4 months the service will be $7.99 for Prime members and $9.99 for nonmembers. 

Tidal: Sign up for Tidal premium this Black Friday and get a 4 month subscription for $0.99. After the first 4 months the service will be it’s usual $9.99/mo. 


Roku Streaming Stick+: $29.99 (orig $59.99) from 11/24-12/2

Roku Ultra: $49.99 (orig $99.99) on 11/28

Roku SE: $18 (orig $59.99) on 11/28

Fire TV stick: $19.99 (orig $39.99)

Fire TV Stick 4K: $24.99 (orig $49.99)

Fire TV Cube: $89.99 (orig $119.99)

Chromecast Ultra: $49.99 (orig $69.99)

24” Inisgnia HD FireTV: $99.99 (orig $150)

50” 4K Roku TV: $148 on 11/28

58” 4K Roku TV: $198 on 11/27

How To Choose A Streaming Service

Choosing the streaming service that’s right for you can be overwhelming without any pointers, so we thought we’d give you a few:

The main streaming services we suggest choosing from are YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and SlingTV. We don’t recommend AT&T TV because it is set up like traditional cable tv with contracts, hidden fees, and yearly price hikes.

Our go-to live tv streaming service is YouTube TV. YouTubeTV is easy to use and offers all your favorite channels in one package for $50/mo. Youtube TV also offers all the local Cleveland stations as well as an unlimited cloud DVR and it allows you to watch on up to 3 screens at once so everyone in your home can share an account.

If YouTube TV doesn’t work for you check out Hulu with Live TV. Hulu with Live TV works with, or independent of, a Hulu subscription and gives you access to all your favorite channels and a cloud DVR for $54.99/mo. Hulu with Live TV also allows you to add premium networks such as HBO and Showtime and you can watch on 2 screens at once or add more for $14.99/mo. 

If the one plan fits all system isn’t your thing then SlingTV will be. SlingTV offers two core channel bundles that you can add packages to according to your taste. Add-ons include bundles such as News, Comedy, and Sports for $5/mo each. SlingTV does not have an included DVR but you can add it on for $5/mo and you can watch Sling on 1-4 devices at a time, depending on your subscription.

If you still aren’t sure what service works best for you we are cord cutting aficionados and can answer any questions you still have about live tv streaming with Snip. Just give us a call at (844)383-7123 or send an email to

Updated March 10, 2020

How To Choose a Streaming Device

If you have a smart TV chances are you can download apps to it and you don’t even need to worry about all this streaming devices bullsh*t. If you can’t download apps to your TV or are limited in what apps you can download, then you’re going to need a device to stream all your favorite movies and shows.

You have a lot of options when it comes to devices you can use to stream, you just need to figure out which one will work best for you. Since we’re your ISP and we don’t offer traditional cable, we know a lot about cutting the cord and have done all the research for you.

Let’s start with Apple TV; an Apple TV device is amazing if all your other devices are Apple products. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Apple: it’s user friendly, it syncs up with all your devices, gives you access to everything you’ve bought on iTunes, and it also starts out at $149. If that’s in your budget and you love Apple, you will love the Apple TV device!

The next big name device is a Roku. Roku devices are the most compatible streaming device. You can download any app to a Roku device and the Roku Channel has tons of free rotating movies and shows. Roku is also the most affordable starting out at $29.99, and there are plenty of devices to choose from. We at Snip recommend the Roku Ultra because it gives you the option of a direct ethernet connection which will minimize load times. 

There are two more major options for streaming devices: FireTV and Chromecast. A Chromecast works best if you prefer to pull things up on your phone or laptop and mirror it to your TV screen, this gives you more flexibility but there’s no traditional remote.

Fire TV devices give you easy access to everything you’ve bought on Prime including premium channel subscriptions. Fire TV devices start out at $39.99 and there are a few different devices to choose from, all include your best robot friend Alexa.  

We at Snip recommend getting a Roku device if you’re a virgin cord cutter and still aren’t sure what you need. We hope this post helped you choose which streaming device will work best for you!

Updated March 09, 2020

How To Stream March Madness 2019

March 19, 2019-The first four of March Madness kicks off today with the first full round beginning this Thursday 3/21 so you may be wondering how to stream the games without traditional cable tv.

The easiest and, in our opinion, best way to stream all the games is with a subscription to YouTubeTV. YouTubeTV will give you live streams of CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV so you can catch every game. YouTubeTV is $40/mo and offers all the local stations so you won’t miss the Indians Home Opener on April 1 either! You can sign up for YouTubeTV here

If you don’t want a subscription to a live tv streaming service you can catch all the games aired on CBS with an indoor antenna. There are a lot of different antennas out there, we suggest getting on amazon and checking out ones in your price range to determine which will work best for you. An indoor antenna will not get any of the games aired on TNT, TBS, or TruTV to catch those games you will need a live tv streaming subscription.

Don’t forget live tv streaming services like YouTubeTV don’t require a contract so you can sign up to watch and the games and end your subscription after if that’s all you need. Congratulations now you’re all set to stream March Madness 2019!

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