Snip Internet LLC is the exclusive internet provider for Mayfield Station in Little Italy

Cleveland based residential fiber internet provider Snip Internet LLC. is the exclusive internet service provider for the new residential apartment complex Mayfield Station in Little Italy. 

Mayfield Station will be the first building in Little Italy to offer Snip Internet to tenants. The building has 40 apartments and is set to open to new residents on June 1, 2020. 

Snip Internet offers fiber internet service to residents in downtown apartment and condo buildings. Snip’s service includes all the fees and taxes that other providers add on later and their service does not have any contracts or data caps. 

Snip Internet has expanded their network across the midwest to Columbus, Milwaukee and Madison. Learn more about Snip Internet and sign up at

May 28, 2020

Snip Internet LLC. Is Bringing Fiber Internet Service To The Newly Renovated Terminal Tower Residences

CLEVELAND-Local Cleveland residential fiber internet provider Snip Internet is bringing their services to Terminal Tower Residences in Downtown Cleveland. Terminal Tower was purchased by local developer The K&D Group in 2016 and is being renovated into 301 apartments, set to open September 2019. 

Terminal Tower’s future residents will be able to sign up for up to 1Gig of service with Snip Internet. Terminal Tower will be the eighth K&D Group owned building that has partnered with Snip Internet and the 22nd downtown Cleveland residence to offer Snip’s fiber internet service. 

In addition to residences Snip also provides free wifi service to Public Square. Terminal Tower residents will be able to stay connected to Snips fiber network in and outside of their home in downtown Cleveland’s premiere greenspace. 

Snip Internet strives to suck less than their competitors by providing fiber internet with no additional taxes or fees, no contract, and no data caps. Learn more about Snip Internet and sign up for service at