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Where can I return my equipment?

To learn what needs to be returned, see Do I need to return anything?


We have two drop boxes in Detroit where you can return your equipment.

  • 321 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226
    The drop box has Snip logo on it and is located on the Southeast of the Press building on Washington.
  • 440 Alfred St, Detroit, MI 48201 
    The drop box is located on the east end of the building.


Please bring your router and power cord to 2401 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113 in the dropbox with the Snip logo outside the front door.


Please bring your router and power cord to 324 E. Wisconsin Ave #1320, Milwaukee WI 53202. Our Dropbox can be found inside the lobby of the Wells Building which is open from 7AM-6PM daily.