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My Wifi doesn’t reach my entire apartment

This issue is common with larger units or with units that have the router placed in a location farther away from the devices you are using. If your wifi doesn’t reach your entire apartment, there are a few possible options you can try.

Option 1

You can use a wired connection using an ethernet cable. Some buildings are wired so that the ethernet ports throughout the unit are live so you can plug the ethernet cable right into the wall and it goes to the router. Buildings that do not have this option will have to have an ethernet cable that can be plugged directly into the back of the router from where the device is located.

Option 2

Some devices are not capable of using a wired connection or maybe you want to use a wireless connection still and not a wired one. If this is the case, then you will want to purchase a Wireless Access Point (WAP for short). Snip does not provide these so you will have to purchase your own.

We recommend if you are going to purchase a WAP, then you should make sure that it supports both the speeds you are paying for and the 5Ghz connection.

For whatever model you choose to get, make sure when you install it that you have it in a location in the unit where the signal is weak and not right next to the router itself.

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