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Are there data caps?

Data caps are unpopular. But that doesn’t mean that other internet service providers have scrapped them. In fact, many providers still limit the amount of data that their clients can use each month, even those who have signed up for unlimited plans.

Here’s some good news, though: Snip Internet does not impose data caps on our customers.

As the name suggests, a data cap limits the amount of data you can use during a given period – usually a month – through your internet service. If you exceed this limit, your internet service provider might charge you extra until a new service period begins so that you can continue to use data. Other providers won’t charge you but may downgrade your internet speeds once you break past your data cap. That’s why your download speeds might suffer as the end of the month approaches. Streaming movies and shows can become a chore as your speeds slow after you’ve reached your allotted limit.

Depending on how you use your internet service, you might not hit your data cap in a given month. But if you regularly stream movies or videos, or if you download plenty of files, the odds are higher that you will go over your data limit and be hit with slower internet speeds.

That’s why it’s always better to invest in internet service that doesn’t come with data caps, like the service we provide at Snip Internet. When shopping for internet service, make sure to ask the providers about their data cap policies to ensure you understand exactly what can happen if you go past the limit.