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No contract • No Fees • No Bullsh*t

Get Snip Internet at Ivanhoe Apartments

Get symmetrical 1 Gbps fiber internet at your new apartment in Milwaukee's East Side.

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2009 E Ivanhoe Pl

Ivanhoe Apartments

Before you start unpacking, get set up with Snip’s high-speed fiber internet. By choosing Snip Internet, you get:

  • Bandwidth for all your devices

    Smart home devices, game consoles, laptops, tablets, and smartphones; bring them all on to your Wi-Fi without having to deal with laggy internet.

  • The Fiber Difference

    Snip Internet uses fiber optics to transmit data and not old coaxial cables. Because we are built differently, we are faster and more reliable.

  • Local Service & Support

    Our support is and always will be local. If you have an issue with your service, we’ll get it fixed. It’s that simple.

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How It Works

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Fill out the form or call 844-383-7123 to set up your account.

Schedule Your Installation

Our customer experience team schedules your install so you can get streaming and gaming ASAP.

Stream Your Heart Out

Stream your favorite shows on the fastest internet possible.


We will never throttle or cap your data. Your equipment is included. All support is and always will be local. No bundles or packages, just the fastest internet possible. This is our bullsh*t free guarantee.


    400 MBPS

    • Local Support
    • Hassle Free Setup
    • Equipment Included
    • No Data Cap
    • No Bundles or Packages


    1 GBPS

    1,000 Mbps Equivalent

    • Local Support
    • Hassle Free Setup
    • Equipment Included
    • No Data Caps
    • No Bundles or Packages