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Internet That’s Fast as F***


November 6, 2018

Blog Internet That’s Fast as F***

Sure you’ve heard us say we offer internet that’s “fast as f***” but we aren’t sure if everyone is taking us seriously. Our internet is really fast. Trust us.

Oh you don’t trust us? Well then…

Snip’s network is an all fiber network, this means that we offer the best service currently available. Fiber internet uses light to transmit data; DSL and copper coax use electricity to transmit data. This difference is what makes fiber faster, more stable, and more reliable than older networks.

Our all fiber network gives us the ability to offer you up to 1 Gig for your apartment. You can do a lot of things with 1 Gig, such as downloading an entire movie in under 2 minutes and streaming 5 HD videos simultaneously.

Fiber is also a sustainable technology made from silicon dioxide and is better for the environment than older systems. Fiber reduces energy consumption and waste production compared to old cable systems. Basically, fiber is a green technology and you are making an eco-conscious decision when you switch to fiber!

We hope that cleared things up and you are now a master on the difference between fiber and old cable systems. Now you know…our internet is fast as f***!!!