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How to Stream March Madness 2019


March 19, 2019

Blog How to Stream March Madness 2019

March 19, 2019-The first four of March Madness kicks off today with the first full round beginning this Thursday 3/21 so you may be wondering how to stream the games without traditional cable tv.

The easiest and, in our opinion, best way to stream all the games is with a subscription to YouTubeTV. YouTubeTV will give you live streams of CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV so you can catch every game. YouTubeTV is $40/mo and offers all the local stations so you won’t miss the Indians Home Opener on April 1 either! You can sign up for YouTubeTV here https://tv.youtube.com/.

If you don’t want a subscription to a live tv streaming service you can catch all the games aired on CBS with an indoor antenna. There are a lot of different antennas out there, we suggest getting on amazon and checking out ones in your price range to determine which will work best for you. An indoor antenna will not get any of the games aired on TNT, TBS, or TruTV to catch those games you will need a live tv streaming subscription.

Don’t forget live tv streaming services like YouTubeTV don’t require a contract so you can sign up to watch and the games and end your subscription after if that’s all you need. Congratulations now you’re all set to stream March Madness 2019!