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How to Get Sh*T Done At Home


August 27, 2020

Check out advice from our team on working from home in different environments.

Blog How to Get Sh*T Done At Home

Some of us here at Snip have the luxury of being able to work from home when there isn’t a global pandemic happening. This makes us experts at working remote, and we realize everyone’s home situation isn’t the same. Check out advice from our team on working from home in different environments.

We’re sure you’ve seen all the advice floating around right now about creating routines and making a dedicated space. However this advice is somewhat vague and we know how easy it is to get distracted. Here are our basic do’s and don’ts:

DO create a dedicated work space, DON’T make that dedicated space your bed. DO dress comfortably, DON’T wear exactly what you slept in.

DO take breaks to build concentration and focus, DON’T confuse naps for breaks.

Basically, just don’t fall asleep. As for staying focused and productive…that’s a whole other story.

Snips VP/Cleveland GM Robin has two boys and a husband who are at the house constantly now due to the shelter in place order. “It is a team effort to ensure the kids know when I am working; not only do I announce this my husband helps to enforce it. We discussed why I would be home during the day and how this is different than the weekends when the word “mom” and requests for “mom” are never ending. I have the luxury of having an office where I can close the door. If you don’t have an office but have small kids at home I suggest setting up your work space in an area where you can close a door. Just like anything else, stick to a routine and plan your schedule for the day. When I leave my workspace I let the kids know that I am still at work and will let them know when I am done. Routine and enforcement have made this a much easier transition for my family. I am also lucky that my husband can conduct school and assist with school work while I am at work so we are all working during the day. No matter what, set daily goals to ensure you stay productive. Also, celebrate the small wins with your family and coworkers because we are all in this together!”

Our Marketing Specialist Madi has no other humans at home to provide distractions. “Don’t underestimate creating a dedicated work space. I don’t have an office but I set up at the kitchen table by 8:30AM with a cup of coffee. I prefer instrumental music but if you’re going to turn on the TV go for Parks and Rec for the 10th time not Love is Blind. Also remember to treat yo’ self to a homemade lunch or a quick yoga sesh. Taking a break will help keep you focused in the second half of the day when the daydreaming sets in.”

Snips VP of Infrastructure Greg says “I have been fortunate to be well versed in remote working over the years in various capacities and agree the routine and dedicated workspace are key. Use your collaboration tools for work AND play. For instance we use Slack to collaborate internally, and our ‘random’ channel keeps us sane and in good spirits with all the memes we share. And for all the work from home noob’s:

Rule #1 Don’t be the person who forgets to mute their mic during a company webex when you aren’t the presenter.

Rule #2 Don’t send a text to a co worker who IS presenting and sharing the screen from their personal Macbook. (Don’t ask me how I know…)”