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Public Square offers free public Wi-Fi courtesy of Snip Internet.

Chaz Stead

November 6, 2018

Press Public Square offers free public Wi-Fi courtesy of Snip Internet.

CLEVELAND-Public Square now has access to a free public Wi-Fi network 24/7 thanks to a local residential fiber internet provider, Snip Internet. Public Square hosts over 150,000 visitors annually who will all be able to access the newly activated public Wi-Fi.

Snip Internet services many residential buildings around Public Square including The Residences at Leader, The Standard, The Residences at 668, and upcoming Terminal Tower. Residents will now be able to stay connected to Snip’s high-speed fiber network outside of their apartment in Public Square. Visitors to Public Square will also be able to access the public Wi-Fi completely free. This means that the next time you’re in Public Square you can post a pic of your dinner at Rebol, a selfie while ice skating, and even live stream the cause you’re out there supporting, all without using any of your treasured data.

“Snip is proud to be a Cleveland based internet provider and we want to give back to our community in any way we can, offering free public Wi-Fi at one of the most popular public spaces in the city allows visitors and residents to stay connected to our online community.” -Brett Lindsey, Founder and CEO of Snip Internet LLC.

Snip Internet was founded in 2016 right here in Downtown Cleveland and services over 20 residential buildings in and around Downtown, Tremont, and University Circle. Snip offers high speed fiber internet to residents without the contracts and fees from the big cable company.

Learn more about Snip Internet and sign up for service at www.snipinternet.com