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Black and Yellow


September 19, 2019

How does a company come up with a brand? Well, this is how we did it.

Blog Black and Yellow

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t care how any company came up with their logo. Our story is pretty cool though (at least we think so) so we’re going to tell you anyway. Also, we get a lot of “this is Cleveland what’s with the Steelers colors” and we’d like to take this opportunity to explain. 

When our founder, Brett Lindsey, first set out to make the logo for Snip he wanted something personal to him that resonated with his childhood and life experiences. Growing up his father and grandfather both worked in the auto business. As a child Brett would help them out and when he got the opportunity to design the Snip logo the first inspiration that came to mind was Snap-On™ tools.

The Snap-On™ tools logo inspired the font and overall aesthetic of the Snip logo. Our colors (black and yellow) were chosen because they stand out among other internet providers, just like us! Yellow is loud and happy and if you ever catch us at a local event or see us at happy hour you know we are too. 

That’s the story of how we got the Snip logo. We hope you like it just as much as we do now! 

Sign up for Snip here or give us a call at (844)-383-7123.