Free as F***

All the streaming services you hear about on a regular basis require a monthly subscription but there are also a lot of free streaming services available. Some are setup like Netflix with a huge library of content and others offer live tv channels. Most of the free services available are supported by ads but hey they’re free!  


IMDb TV launched in January of this year under the name “IMDb Freedrive”. IMDb TV is a collection of free ad-supported movies and tv shows that you can access without a subscription, you just have to use your IMDb TV login. IMDb TV is pretty awesome because it offers new releases and classic blockbuster hits for free. Check out IMDb TV here


Popcornflix is a bit like IMDb TV, it offers a collection of movies and tv shows with ads. The difference between them is that IMDb TV has more content and offers more well known titles while Popcornflix offers some blockbuster hits along with original independent movies. Check out Popcornflix here.

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a free service available on all Roku devices (or through the Roku mobile app) that will give you access to over 10,000 free movies and tv shows. The Roku Channel supports free live news from ABC News, Cheddar News, Newsy, TMZ and more. The Roku Channel also gives you the option of adding on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for a monthly fee. Check out The Roku Channel here


PlutoTV is a free live TV streaming service that offers live and on demand content, you just have to create a login. PlutoTV offers popular content from channels you’re used to in a familiar grid setup that’s easy to use and completely free. Pluto is probably the best free live tv streaming service out there. It offers CNN, NFL Network, BET, TV Land, and more. Check out what PlutoTV has to offer here.


Xumo is a free, ad-supported, live TV streaming service. Xumo is like Pluto TV. Both apps have a traditional grid layout with channels to choose from. Xumo has some channels you’ll recognize like Fox Sports and NBC, but it’s mostly unknown channels offering some content you’ve heard of and some that sounds like it’s on the sci-fi channel at 4am. Check out Xumo here.  


Sony Crackle is a free stand alone streaming service that offers movies and tv shows as well as original content. The Crackle app is available for download on all major streaming devices and most smart TVs. The Crackle app is useful for cord cutters because it’s a free service that offers tons of movies and tv shows to help fill any gaps in your cord cutting setup. You can check out Sony Crackle here 


Tubi TV is a free ad-supported streaming service offering access to movies and tv shows. Tubi TV is like Crackle, both are free and offer a selection of content that’s always updated but not a lot of it is new releases. The main difference is that Tubi TV has more content than Crackle. Both services have a Netflix style interface where content is separated into categories like Horror, Comedy, and Drama. Check out Tubi here.


Stirr is a free ad-supported streaming service that offers both live and on demand content. Stirr’s interface is a bit like SlingTV’s there’s a homepage where live and on demand content are shown together and there’s a live channel guide. Stirr has live news and sports as well as classic tv and movies. Check out Stirr here.


Kanopy is different from all the other services mentioned so far, it pulls content from public libraries and universities to offer free documentaries and classic films. This being said you need to have a login registered with either a public library or a university to access Kanopy on your phone or tv. Check out Kanopy and register here.

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