Snip Internet LLC. Is Bringing Fiber Internet Service To The Newly Renovated Terminal Tower Residences

CLEVELAND-Local Cleveland residential fiber internet provider Snip Internet is bringing their services to Terminal Tower Residences in Downtown Cleveland. Terminal Tower was purchased by local developer The K&D Group in 2016 and is being renovated into 301 apartments, set to open September 2019. 

Terminal Tower’s future residents will be able to sign up for up to 1Gig of service with Snip Internet. Terminal Tower will be the eighth K&D Group owned building that has partnered with Snip Internet and the 22nd downtown Cleveland residence to offer Snip’s fiber internet service. 

In addition to residences Snip also provides free wifi service to Public Square. Terminal Tower residents will be able to stay connected to Snips fiber network in and outside of their home in downtown Cleveland’s premiere greenspace. 

Snip Internet strives to suck less than their competitors by providing fiber internet with no additional taxes or fees, no contract, and no data caps. Learn more about Snip Internet and sign up for service at

Free as F***

Streaming services have saved Americans a lot of cash recently and right now the demand for free content is higher than ever. Most of the big streamers are offering some of their content for free right now, but plenty of services are made to be free.  


IMDb TV launched in January of 2019 under the name “IMDb Freedrive”. IMDb TV is a collection of free ad-supported movies and TV shows that you can access without a subscription using your IMDb login. IMDb TV is one of the few free services that offers new releases and classic blockbuster hits for free. Check out IMDb TV here

The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is a free service available on all Roku devices–or through the Roku mobile app–that will give you access to over 10,000 free movies and TV shows. The Roku Channel supports free live news from ABC News, Cheddar News, Newsy, TMZ and more. The Roku Channel also gives you the option of adding on premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for a monthly fee. Check out The Roku Channel here


PlutoTV is a free live TV streaming service that offers live and on demand content, you just have to create a login. PlutoTV offers popular content from channels you’re used to in a familiar grid setup that’s easy to use and completely free. Pluto is probably the best free live TV streaming service out there. It offers CNN, NFL Network, BET, TV Land, and more. Check out what PlutoTV has to offer here.


Xumo is a free, ad-supported, live TV streaming service. Xumo has some channels you’ll recognize like Fox Sports and NBC, but it’s mostly unknown channels offering some content you’ve heard of and some that sounds like it’s on the sci-fi channel at 4am. Check out Xumo here.  


Crackle is a free stand alone streaming service that offers movies and TV shows as well as original content. The Crackle app is available for download on all major streaming devices and most smart TVs. While Crackle will give you access to both movies and TV shows they have a large library of movies for a free service. You can check out Crackle here


Tubi TV is a free ad-supported on demand streaming service. Tubi TV offers a selection of content that’s always updated and includes classic, old, and new movies and TV shows. Tubi is one of the most popular free streaming services and will soon come preloaded onto smartphones and TVs. Check out Tubi here.


Hoopla is a streaming service that gives you access to movies, TV, ebooks, audio books, and music from your local library. You just need a library card to get access but after linking your account everything is free. Check out Hoopla here

There are a lot more free streaming services out there but these are the most popular right now. One thing to keep in mind while browsing all the free options out there is that, well…they’re free. Get used to ads and less than impressive streaming resolution on these services because you get what you pay for.

Updated May 20, 2020

Snip Internet LLC. will be the exclusive residential fiber internet provider for Glenville CircleNorth in University Circle

Tuesday August 06, 2019

CLEVELAND-Local Cleveland fiber internet provider Snip Internet LLC. will be the exclusive internet provider for the brand-new apartment complex, Glenville CircleNorth in University Circle. 

Glenville CircleNorth is owned by The Finch Group from Boca Raton, FL and this is not their first building in University Circle. Snip also services the Finch owned Park Lane Villas and Innova Living, making Glenville CircleNorth the third apartment building the two have partnered on. 

Snip Internet will be providing future residents with the fastest internet in Cleveland; offering up to 1Gig of service for only $75/mo. Making fiber internet available to residents in University Circle will make Glenville CircleNorth more attractive to the students and medical professionals living in the area. 

Snip Internet strives to suck less than their competitors by providing fiber internet with no additional taxes or fees, no contract, and no data caps. Learn more about Snip Internet and sign up for service at

Snip’s Guide to Niche Streaming Services

You’ve probably heard (or read) that if you cut the cord you will end up having to sign up for multiple subscriptions to get all the content you want. This is fake news; for most people one live TV streaming service will give you all the content you’re used to for about half the price of cable TV. This being said there are some pretty cool niche streaming services that give you content you never had access to with cable tv. 


Philo is a “skinny” live TV streaming service. PhiloTV offers 58 channels with unlimited recording for $20/mo. Philo may work for you as your main live TV streaming service if you only want entertainment and lifestyle channels. Philo gives you access to channels like Animal Planet, BET, Comedy Central, and Lifetime. If you use Philo as your main live TV streaming service you may need an HD antenna because it doesn’t offer locals. Check out PhiloTV here.

Acorn TV and BritBox

Acorn TV is a streaming service that offers content from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and Spain for $5.99/mo. BritBox is a similar streaming service with a lot of the same content for $6.99/mo. The main difference between the two is that AcornTV has more original programming and BritBox offers more new shows thanks to support from the BBC and ITV. 

The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel is a collection of classic and foreign films from The Criterion Collection available online or through their app. The subscription is $10.99/mo and gives you access to over 1,000 rotating classic movies and foreign films. The Criterion Channel is perfect for major film buffs and cinephiles. Check out the service and sign up here.

DC Universe

The DC Universe streaming service offers one place to access all of DC Universes movies, shows, and comics for $7.99/mo or $74.99/yr. The service also offers community boards for users to connect with one another about everything DC. You will want to consider the DC Universe service if you want access to any of their upcoming or existing shows and movies. Check it out and sign up for a free trial here.


ESPN+ is a streaming service offered by Walt Disney for $4.99/mo that includes sports channels and broadcasts outside of the ones you get with a live TV streaming service (such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Classic). ESPN+ gives subscribers access to live sports such as MLB, MLS, FA Cup, EFL, and NHL. ESPN+ also gives subscribers access to original programming and the ability to add packages like MLB.TV or NHL.TV. In addition, ESPN+ is the only streaming service with the rights to offer PPV UFC fights. Check out ESPN+ and sign up for a free trial here


Disney+ is currently not available and is scheduled to launch on November 12, 2019. Disney+ is a highly anticipated streaming service and will reportedly cost subscribers $6.99/mo or $69.99/yr. The service will give users access to all of Disney’s classic and current movies and TV as well as future exclusive programming. It has also been reported that Disney+ will be available as an add-on to your Hulu account and that subscribers may be able to bundle Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu for a discounted rate. 

If you have questions about cutting the cord contact your buildings Snip rep or sign up online today at

Thursday August 1, 2019